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          Hardware and software teledatacom products
2     ASOKA USA Corporation (USA)   www.asokausa.com
          Ethernet and USB power socket plug in network adapter
          rf network access point
3     DEI  ( USA)   www.deiaz.com
          ARINC429 transceivers and line drivers
          Analog arrays - low volume/cost semicustom  analog circuits
          Avionics application specific devices 
4   DAVICOM  (TAIWAN)   www.davicom.com.tw
          Networking and communication IC solutions
          USB,Ethernet-based networking technologies
5   INTELLON  (USA)   www.intellon.com
          14.4 Mb/s powerline based communication / networking 
      devices and
6       AMIC Technology  (USA)   www.amictechnology.com
          CMOS RF processing technologies
          Memory IC technologies
          Contactless RFID technologies 
7   WIZNET  (Korea)   www.wiznet.co.kr
          Hardware embedded TCP/IP  devices and gateway modules
      for internet
access or remote control.
8   EUROPEAN TECHNOLOGIES www.europe-technologies.com
          Advanced Arm based microcontrollers
          System solution on a chip

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